Consuelo Walker is a young woman who was introduced to the Lord at a young age. Her ardent devotion to Jesus Christ fuels an evangelistic heart, thus giving Consuelo a compelling passion to inspire others to develop a personal relationship with Christ and walk out their God given purpose in life!

Consuelo is the author of two books, Inspirational Sweets to Our soul and Your Story is Not Over…Never Give Up! Furthermore, she is the creator of Consuelo’s Carrot Delights. She was also blessed with the opportunity to appear on the Babbie Mason Show as well as the Friends & Neighbors Show of Atlanta, channel WATCTV 57.

Consuelo Walker is from Milledgeville Georgia where she was raised by her mother, Juanita Holsey, and grew up with her 7 siblings (3 sisters and 4 brothers). Today, she currently works as a nurse and lives in Douglasville GA with her husband Daniel Walker. She enjoys working in ministry where she has been blessed to serve as Armor Bearer, Pastoral Aid Leader ,Women Leader and Evangelist Ministry.